Retaining Wall Waterfalls

A retaining wall waterfall construction is a simple water feature that adds considerable aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Most retaining wall waterfalls are built to spill a long, smooth, even sheet of water that cascades over the wall and into a retaining pool. Easily adaptable to virtually any form of structure, these water features can be added to block walls both indoors and outdoors.
When a waterfall in properly designed and constructed, a retaining-wall waterfall is an efficient, low-cost way to add drama and interest to any kind of space. Many modern waterfalls of this type are built with LED lights to further amplify their beauty and appeal. It’s easy to add color, motion, and complex programs to such a feature’s lighting system. When these waterfalls are built with an autofill kit, the water feature’s maintenance requirements become minimal.

Space Considerations

These types of waterfalls are particularly noted for their compactness. Formal Falls offers these kits in four different widths that can fit the vast majority of installation spaces. Custom falls can also be designed to suit any project. Unlike constructing a water garden or koi pond, these can be built in small areas and utilize less space.

The Value Of Stainless Steel 

Formal’s Falls are built with stainless steel spouts for great durability. These spouts also make the noise of the running water gentle and constant, making them ideally suited for use on block columns, outdoor spaces, and indoor installations.



The cost of a waterfall construction will vary depending on the width of the water feature and the construction characteristics of the wall in which it is installed. Speak to your authorized installer to learn more about the costs of these features.


These waterfalls are a breeze to take care of. Unlike maintainaing a water garden or koi pond, these are relatively low maintenance. The reservoir will need to be topped up on a biweekly basis to replace water lost through evaporation, but the consumer need not worry about any other maintenance tasks. A fill valve can even be installed to handle this chore automatically! These falls require no special preparations for winter, either. They need to be drained and refilled in the spring. Each waterfall’s basin has dual pump access (on the left or right) to suit the needs of the installation.

Waterfalls constructed in retaining walls can be placed in both above-grade and in-ground walls in a variety of different configurations.

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