Water Fountain Problems You Should Know About

Water fountains are among some of the best water features you can use to curb the appeal of your home or office space while on a budget. Something about flowing water, that has a soothing effect on most people, particularly when it cascades over stone sculptures. Some of these fountains even feature colored lights that make them stunningly beautiful after sunset.

As beautiful as they are, water fountains require a certain level of maintenance to keep them running efficiently.

Here are a few of the most common water problems we see when offering our bi-weekly water fountain cleanings and maintenance:

Pond Tile With Limescale Buildup

Water Feature Limescale Build-up

If you start to see some white spots on the surface of your fountain, you can suspect a buildup of limescale. You can counteract this by using special cleaners and substances that prevent such lime deposits from appearing.

Stinky Odor

Not cleaning your fountain regularly may lead to algae developments. The algae spores emit a very bad odor. You can prevent algae from growing by regularly cleaning all surfaces that get in contact with water.

Overgrown Pond Filter Skimmer Box Needing A Cleaning

Clogged pumps, filters, & skimmer boxes (If you Have)

If you want the water to flow, you need to regularly clean the water pump and the pipes, skimmer boxes, and filtration if needed. Fountain pumps are built to run continuously, so you should try to avoid turning them off too often. Letting them dry out constantly can dry out the seals and potentially require a repair or complete replacement. Do your best to allow it to operate continuously for as long as possible.

a few maintenance tips & tricks

Maintaining your water fountain is easy. While the structure of your fountain will probably last a very long time, its surface will require regular cleaning to keep the water flowing smoothly. At Koi Pros, we have the skills and the experience of knowing what to do to keep your fountain in perfect condition all year round, for many years to come. Our experts can identify all potential problems and address them before they become too costly to fix. This will allow you to keep your water fountain repair costs at a minimum without having to compromise on the aesthetics of your water feature.

We can determine the ideal schedule for regular water fountain maintenance. Our biggest concern is algae. Ignored for too long, it will build up on water touched surfaces and inside the water pump and the pipes, leading to lots of problems such as irregular water flow, bad odors and various noises.

Outdoor Fountain 

Here are a few things to do to keep your water fountain in perfect shape at any given time.

  1. Clean all leaves, dirt and debris out of the water to prevent it from clogging the pump or the pipes.
  2. Brush off algae as soon as you notice it collecting on the visible surfaces of your fountain. Not doing this early on will make algae more difficult to remove.
  3. Algae will also get inside the water pump and the pipes. Clean them regularly to prevent problems and to keep your water clean.

If you need a professional service to help you maintain your water fountain, contact us right away. Our certified and skilled technicians will evaluate your fountain and will provide you a custom quote on the ideal maintenance schedule for you.

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