Whether you are residential or commercial – Effectively maintaining and repairing your water feature equipment is probably the most important part of owning a pond, fountain, or waterfall. When pumps shut-off, fish can lose aeration and potentially die. Cement can crack when exposed to direct sun-light, and bio-filtration can seize causing expensive repairs. 

Is your water feature losing water? More than 2-3″ per day? If so you might have a leak and need to schedule an appointment soon. More often than not, we receive phone calls from customers who are losing a lot of water per day (they waited) and now the fish and turtles are stressing because too much city water was added to the natural ecosystem. 

If you are a commercial property like an HOA, Apartment complex, Golf course, etc – equipment can be extremely expensive. Having inexperience, and under-insured companies managing your lake or commercial pond pumps and equipment might save you money initially, but if the equipment is damaged due to lack of experience or knowledge this can be very expensive. We always suggest having a professional water feature maintenance company maintain your pond, waterfall, and fountain equipment. From pumps, to filtration, UV-lights, and more – the key to a clean and efficiently running system all comes down to the equipment behind the scenes, and the company managing the equipment. We understand all types of pond and fountain equipment – including natural filtration methods like biofiltration, good bacteria, and more. 

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Submersible Pumps vs External Pond Pumps

That is the question. What is the difference? The submersible pumps are inside the water and are typically a kit or combo deal with some sort of plastic “bead filtration,” or skimmer box attached. While external pumps are more like pool pumps, located on the outside of your pond and are usually more high-powered, while connected to a “pressure filter” similar to that of a pool filter. Yes some of these filters also come with bead bio-filtration, but we’re talking pumps here. (we’ll address the beads later, and you’ll see why)

Which one is better? It really depends on your goal. Submersible pumps typically arent strong enough to push water through a pressure filter so you are limited on what you can do with it. Meanwhile, submersible pumps are usually cheaper to buy, and like we said earlier – have the filtration + sometimes the UV light attached in the combo-kit deal. Typically 250 – 500 gallon ponds won’t need anything beyond a submersible, same applies to waterfall and fountain equipment servicing. Often times, fountains have really small submersible pumps which can be replaced via home-depot or similar.

Ponds over 500 gallons, and med-large waterfalls and fountains might require and also perform better with an external pump (pool pump) as these water features typically need a nice pressure filter (without beads, but instead gravel or similar) and a UV-light to match the demand. If you plan on having fish or turtles, plan on needing an external pump with the works in terms of filtration and ultra-violet lights. Of course you can always contact us to see what would be your best fit.


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Combo Filter Kits vs
Custom Pond Filtration

Combo filters are usually a kit you can purchase online. These typically come with a submersible pump (as we outlined earlier) a filtration box of some sort with some filtration media (usually plastic beads) and some also include the UV-light. Of course most of these filter kits claim numbers like “perfect for ponds 1500 – 2000 gallons” yet more often than not, customers all across the county call weekly to ask why their pond isnt clean and is about the same size as suggested on the box of the filtration kit. Sadly, many water features need a more “custom approach” in order to really get down to the nuts and bolts of what might work the best.

Welcome to custom filtration – where nothing is cookie-cutter, nor does it come in a kit fashion. Each part is uniquely suited to fit the water feature at hand. We always say – “over-filter vs go with what is suggested for your water feature” and we say this because this method takes into consideration all the other factors the cookie-cutter kits dont – like landscape (shrubs, trees, grass mulch, etc getting into the pond) also fish, turtles, and any wildlife you might want to add in the future. What type of filtration do we suggest? “Pressure Filters!” similar to that of a pool filter, yet retrofitted to accommodate the “natural environment” of water features unlike pools which are chemically treated.

Why do we suggest to not buy the fancy Aqua Ultima II – Pressurized Bead Filter (image on the right) because plastic bead filtration does not work! and all the parts on this filter are propriarey and can only be purchased through that company. Meaning more cost to you. We can custom build any type of filtration, from pressure filters, to bio-filtration, we’ve built filtration for lakes with 1M+ gallons of water.

Call us today to find out what filtration might be best for your situation.

Pond Kit UV-Lights vs
Custom Ultra Violet Lights

UV-lights are a great addition to any pond, waterfall, or fountain. Ultra-violet lights help kill bacteria and other pathogens which can lead up to an unhealthy system for your wildlife. The big thing to consider when installing or replacing a UV light on your water feature is (similar to pumps and filtration) is it big enough? Like we stated earlier, the combo pond filtration kits which include a sub-pump, filter, and UV-light, are good for really small ponds. Ponds under 500 gallons on average. Regardless of what the box says, all-in-one combos are not the “end-all” when it comes to maintaining your water features, and most likely you’ll never be happy with your water feature service provider as they cant filter your water – that is up to your equipment.

We always suggest giving us a call to ask what is best for your water features, we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Does my Fountain or Waterfall need a UV Light? 

Fountains & Waterfalls don’t typically need a UV-light as they are either chemically treated, nor have koi fish or turtles. If you do have fish or wildlife in your fountain, it might be worth considering adding a small UV light to your fountain and waterfall equipment. If you live in Orange County and need to find a local pond or fountain UV light supplier, we suggest Inland Koi located off the 405 freeway and Euclid. 

Under Water Aerators vs Lake Fountain Aerators

These are great for adding oxygen to your water features. Specifically for the wildlife, aerators will help your fish if your waterfall was to ever stop working and/or your power went out. Some aerators are solar-powered which is a great option for emergency power outages. Don’t let the term “lake fountains” make you believe its a typical fountain – these are more like water-spouts, which will kick up water every x-amount of time. These are not only beautiful to watch, they also contribute to aeration of the water feature. Helping keep the water moving on a consistent basis, while also offering additional oxygen content for the surrounding fish and water plants.

Does Your Fountain Need a Fountain?

Oddly enough the answer might be yes. If you have a wall fountain, backyard fountain, or garden water fountain, you might benefit from increased aeration (adding a bubbler fountain to the fountain – if that’s not confusing enough) if you need more information on such a topic feel free to reach out to us or feel free to study some of the information we offer on fountain installation and maintenance.