The perfect Wall Fountain design can add value and tranquility to any Orange County property. Koi Pros works with both private and municipal properties throughout Southern California who own wall fountains and water features alike and need these items managed and maintained by a professional aquatic management company. 

Although simple in design, wall fountains can be tricky to maintain and repair if they are of the natural element and contain fish, turtles, or any sort of aquatic plants. Often times we’ll install a moss or other low-maintenance vegetation to help reduce the amount of required work on these water features. 

Some customers want to add items to their wall fountains designs like water lilies, night blooming aquatic plants, Asian-Themed figurines, etc and we’ll setup whatever the customer is interested in. We can redo entire landscapes if needed.

Roman Themed Wall Fountain Design
Lion Wall Fountain Design Spitting Water

Why are Wall Fountain Designs in demand?

  • Wall fountain kits are relatively inexpensive compared to ponds or waterfalls
  • Can be mounted on almost any freestanding wall
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Relatively inexpensive to repair and maintain
Stainless Steel Wall Fountain Cascading Into A Pond
Dolphin Themed Wall Fountain
Formal Wall Fountain With 2 Spouts
Wall Fountain With Green Moss And Two Tiers

choose your dream wall fountain design

Whether you want the sound of running water, added beauty, or increased moisture surrounding your Orange County property – you can’t really lose when constructing one of these water features. 


  • Asian Themed Wall Fountain Design
  • Mid Century Wall Fountain Design
  • Modern Wall Fountain Design
  • Natural w. Plants Wall Fountain Design
  • And many more! 

You next best option is to begin the research and design process, come up with some samples from the internet or our references, and contact us to work out the next steps. 

Typically we like to discuss your property first, review the property and the location of electric (or unless you want a solar powered wall fountain) and then discuss pricing + scheduling. Most of our construction projects are slightly delayed due to our backlog of demand. 

Being in business for over 3 decades, Koi Pros has accumulated a large clientele base therefore are always busy (fortunately) but we do suggest you contact us regardless to start the discussion of adding one of these water features to your property.


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Person Designing An Outdoor Water Fountain

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