Backyard fountains are a great option for any commercial or residential property seeking the beauty and elegance of a fountain in their backyard. 

These fountains can be almost any designed to meet the needs of any landscape or architecture. The varieties are endless from cement and marble options to customized construction of almost any material wanted. Of course the first thing you should look for in one of these water features is aesthetics. Some people love the Asian-inspired themes with natural koi, water lilies, and much more, others want a simple to manage backyard fountain requiring little to no maintenance. These water features would be setup slightly different as the non-natural backyard fountains will need to be treated with chemical but also not need as much filtration as that of the natural style. 

We can design, install, repair, and maintain any backyard fountain on any type of property as long as it’s located in Southern California.

8 Ft Tall Natural Fountain With Koi Fish And Water Lillies
Bubbling Rock Garden Fountain

Where to begin with your backyard fountain design?

First things-first, you’ll want to review your backyard landscape for the best place to install the fountain and this includes

  • power location
  • water drainage (if needed)
  • equipment location
Backyard Fountains 1
Beautiful Retaining Wall With Large Boulders And A Pondless Waterfall Running Over The Boulders
Lion Wall Fountain Design Spitting Water
Backyard Fountains 2

Once you have designs and an idea of the water feature

The rest is easy! Simply give us a call or send us as email 

Send us any designs you have in mind (can be pre-built designs if wanted) and we’ll be able to custom design a new backyard fountain to match your landscape if wanted. We service all commercial and residential properties in Orange County CA. 

Once we have the drawings, and a set location to build the item, we’ll begin the installation process by securing the appropriate permits (if  needed) drop off any equipment (if needed) and set a day / time to break ground or install above ground depending on what type of backyard fountain you are purchasing. 


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Person Designing An Outdoor Water Fountain

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