Maintaining Residential & Commercial Lakes

All water features are different – including small ponds and large lakes. No water feature is constructed with similar principles, nor is the service we provide for the relative pond or lake. Ponds are typically small bodies of water, built with a rubber or cement undergarment (ideally both) to keep water in the basins. Similar to that of a large Jacuzzi or small pool, a pond is typically constructed the same way. In an ideal world, the “returns” (the part of the pond which connects to the filter) will be placed correctly and throughout the basin as this will help keep your maintenance visits and backwash cycles down.

If you are interested in a “lake” typically these are not built with rubber or cement, instead these are constructed with compact water-proof soils. Clay-like soils which must be tested before any water is added to ensure there will be no leaks associated with the large body of water. Some isolated instances, properties will use a large rubber liner (sometimes over 30mm thick) to line the soil but this can become very costly if not performed correctly. Some lakes are self-filtered through organic material such a bacteria and other natural processes, yet we always recommend additional filtration to help keep the ecosystem under control. Contact us today to receive a free quote to service or maintain your pond or lake
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Residential Pond MANAGEMENT

Most residential ponds we service range from 1,000 – 5,000 gallons of water. Typically these water features are natural (non chemically treated) and hold fish or turtles. Some ponds we service are non-wildlife bearing, and more decorative but are also under our water feature service umbrella.

Over the last 5 years we’ve been perfecting our “small-pond service” – typically any residential water feature with a basin holding under 10,000 gallons of water. These water features typically do not need more than 2 visits per month, and depending on how it was constructed, won’t need a thorough cleaning more than 1-2x per year. Maintenance is heavily dependent on how the pond was built. If for example, your pond is full of fish and turtles, and running on a “cookie-cutter” submersible pump, without a UV-light, and very little circulation, then you might need a thorough cleaning every 2 months.

We do our best to walk your system and review the current standing of many factors which equate to a clear pond and happy pond owner. Contact us today for a free pond review.


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Small & LARGE LAKE Maintenance

Small lakes are unique in the sense of how they are constructed. Some are built with a pond liner, others are built using the soil as the water retention system. Of course the soil must be tested and compacted accordingly – but as for owning and maintaining a small lake, we suggest calling the experts before you jump into it with both feet.

Similar to residential ponds, small lakes are approached according to how they are constructed, the equipment assisting the water feature, and also the surrounding items like landscape, water run off and more. Some small lakes are constructed specifically for the water run off role, others are constructed for beauty and elegance for a would-be golf course or hotel. Either way, these water features can pose a significant risk for mosquito populations and also become relatively unhealthy if not managed correctly. For this reason we always suggest a phone call to us for starters, let us review your water feature and address any potentially unforeseen issues.

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Large Community & HOA Lakes

Community lakes are typically a pinnacle to the surrounding city. These water features can increase property values, tourism, and add a great deal of beauty to the surrounding area.

These are also a large amount of work if neglected or un-managed for quite some time. The equipment required to handle large lakes oftentimes requires a certified company with the knowledge, experience, and also insurance to cover any potential issues to due the high risk and cost if anything goes wrong. Majority of our commercial clients with this stature of responsibilities are apartment complexes, HOA’s, golf courses, cemeteries, and other commercial grounds. Large lakes are extremely custom, and sometimes require a team of aquatic management professionals who undergo a thorough vetting process and understand what it takes to develop a comprehensive commercial maintenance strategy.

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