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A Rock Column Fountain is an ideal choice for an owner who wants a bubbling show with multiple elements. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound that makes any area more tranquil.
Rock Column Fountains are growing particularly popular because they deliver all of the classic benefits of a water feature combined with minimal maintenance requirements. Rock Fountains can be placed on their own or grouped together with similar installations. This produces a very charismatic aggregate feature that lends considerable appeal and balance to the landscape. In backyards, Rock Fountains provide a peaceful, contemplative accent to any design. These fountains are excellent for installation in the front yard, too — thanks to their lack of an open pond they present no potential liability to the homeowner. We always suggest hiring a professional koi pond company before taking on a task such as this to at least quote the process and what you should expect.

Space Concerns

A typical Rock Column Fountain takes up a space roughly eight feet by eight feet. It’s possible to install one in a smaller area, but you should bear in mind that it’s likely to splash.


As with all of our no-pond fountains, a Rock Column Fountain is very easy to take care of. Small amounts of water will be lost over time to evaporation; this can be replaced by topping up the reservoir every few weeks. You can even use a fill valve in your installation to take care of this task automatically.


When they’re installed professionally, Column Fountains generally cost between $4,000 and $8,500. Over time, this type of fountain incurs minimal operating costs because its pump can be tied to a timer. This minimizes off-peak usage and keeps power costs to a minimum.


You don’t need to do much to prepare a Rock Column Fountain for winter. In areas where freezing is likely, we recommend that you remove the water pump and take it inside. No special measures are necessary to protect the column itself; you can even let the water freeze in the fountain with no ill effects.

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