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Own a pond or waterfall – here are some tips to keeping your system healthy

Adding a Koi pond to your home or commercial property is definitely one of the best ways to reduce the day to day stress and add tranquility and beauty to your surroundings. Koi ponds and many other natural water features are incredibly relaxing and peaceful, some have even called them paradise water gardens. 

Of course, there are other benefits to koi ponds outside of just helping yourself or your guests relax. These can also add a lot of beauty to the outside or backyard area of your home. That being said, these water features specifically can require a lot of upkeep, so we recommend learning the basics for yourself to maintain the pond, or consider hiring a pond management company for bi-weekly maintenance and/or annual cleanings if needed. Contact Koi Pros today if you’d like to schedule a free review of your pond or waterfall. 

Clear Pond Water With Koi Fish And A Waterfall

Nothing truly worth doing ever comes easily however, keeping up with a koi pond is hardly an insurmountable task either. A pond owner needs to be prepared and take enough pride in it their water feature in order to care about proper maintenance. With careful care and planning, any property owner can make sure they never run into any koi pond complications down the line.

A clean koi pond can make the difference in the long-term life-cycle of your wildlife.
We suggest back-washing your pond as needed. Not all ponds are built the same and will require monthly or weekly backwashing as this will eliminate the waste built up in the filter media from your koi or turtles. This waste can be used to fertilize the local plants or vegetables and serves as a highly nutrient-rich plant additive for any property. If your pond is not clear or you are unable to backwash as needed you should get in touch with a local professional koi pond company before any issues are presenting. Check this blog out if you are having problems with your pond pump and filtration.

Dirty Koi Pond Water Needing A Cleaning 

Check Your Water Consistently

Owners of Koi ponds have to deal with issues like acidic rain and an excess of fish waste, as well as nutrient rich runoff. These issues are all common, but they’re still serious and proper koi pond maintenance is a must. Original content source koipros.com – To keep them in under control, you need to make sure you check your water on a regular basis. Koi fish themselves are easily taken care of, but poor conditions in their water will definitely be a great detriment to their overall health.

Water clarity is a great sign of a well-maintained pond. If you water is murkey and green consider hiring a residential and commercial pond maintenance company. Interested in learning more about our pond maintenance? Contact us today.

Don’t Worry Too Much About The Cold

If you live in a cold climate, your Koi are going to be incredibly happy. They’ll even make it through the winters fairly easily. Even if ice forms on the surface of the water, the fish can hibernate underneath it. A floating de-icer will allow you to keep a hole in the ice for gas to escape from however.

Refrain From Overfeeding your fish and turtles

As with any animal, overfeeding Koi can cause a lot of health risks. You do need to use your time feeding them wisely however. Every feeding will allow you to give them a thorough examination. If anything is wrong with any of the fish or the water, you should be able to see it fairly easily. Overfeeding leads to a lot of the issues, particularly the likes of nitrite and ammonia in the water.

Koi Fish Eating Food 

Maintain All Of Your Equipment

Finally, you need to make sure all of your supplies are up to date and in good shape. These include your filtration system, a high powered pump, the aeration system, and your ultraviolet sterilizer. With proper utilization and care, you’ll have the best chance of keeping the water clean and your fish happy for a long time to come. These are incredibly beautiful fish that will benefit your home greatly, so do everything you can to make sure they are well taken care of! Not sure how to apply proper koi pond maintenance? Follow us on Youtube for “How to Maintain your Koi Pond” videos – Coming soon!

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