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Professional Koi Pond Services by Koi Pros

We provide professional koi pond maintenance, construction, & repairs for Long Beach CA & for all types of natural water features including Koi Ponds, Turtle Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Commercial Lakes, and more. With over 40 years of professional pond and fountain service, aquatic construction, maintenance, and repair – Koi Pros is the premier Pond service company located in Long Beach California.

We will custom build or repair your water features, which typically include UV lights, Skimmer Basket Installation, and Bio-Filtration for your pond. Need a pond reaseal or leak repair?

Typically we maintain residential koi ponds 2x per month, and most commercial water features are bid based on the specs of that specific system. We work with apartment complexes, commercial office rentals, churches, and even community lakes housing over 1 million + gallons of water. Does your koi pond need monthly maintenance or increased filtration?


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Pond Cleanings, Repair, Construction Services

Our pond construction is all uniquely designed and built based on your budget, yard size, and type of water feature desired. We are capable of building custom Koi Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountains and many other types of water features including Decorative Water Features and Aquaponic Gardens. For a free quote – Call Today! (714)613-0123

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Waterfall & Pond Repair Reseal Orange County Ca Koi Pros

Turtle Pond & Koi Pond Construction Orange County CA Koi Pros

Koi Pond & Water Fountain Construction Orange County Ca Koi Pros

Southern Californias Best Koi Pond Service

KoiPros.com is one of the few to answer their phones and provide quality service

Natural water features like Koi Ponds require a company who knows how to specifically handle the Koi Pond Equipment, including Koi Pond Filtration, Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Pool Pumps, and Natural Filtration methods ideally suited to your water feature. We know each water feature is unique to your landscape, how it was built, and what style of filtration suits your koi pond or water feature specifically.

Our company was built around commercial water feature maintenance and construction. We also specialize in custom lake construction, pond building, and maintaining water features with over 1,000,000+ Gallons of water.

We are insured, licensed, and bonded, and work with industry-leading aquatic professionals throughout California and other parts of the United States.

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Address: 529 W Blueridge Ave
#F110 Orange, CA 92865

Phone: (714) 613-0123

Email: KoiProsOrangeCounty@gmail.com

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Is Your Pond or Waterfall Leaking?

Koi Pond Leaks & Repairs Orange County CA You’ll know when your beautifully designed and well maintained koi pond is in need of urgent attention or repair. Depending on the problem, you might experience dropping water levels, poor bio-filtration and water clarity,...
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Waterfall Repair Orange County

Waterfall Construction: Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Waterfalls A retaining wall waterfall construction is a simple water feature that adds considerable aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Most retaining wall waterfalls are built to spill a long, smooth, even sheet of water that cascades over the wall and...
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koi pond repair service

Leaking Waterfalls & Koi Ponds

Often times we see pond liners with over 10+ years of use leak rather easily due to roots, people walking in the pond, or simply deterioration. What we like to do to determine if the koi pond is truly leaking is what we call a "draw-down test" this test is...
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Koi Pond Equipment

Often with pond maintenance we see clients struggling to get their pool pumps used for their koi ponds able to prime again. This is a very common issue as these pumps (extrenal centrifugal pool pumps) require an air-tight fit and be filled with enough water to catch....
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About Water Garden & Pond Maintenance

What is a water garden? A water garden which is also known as an aquatic garden is a type of a manmade feature hosting a great place for koi pond plants and other perennials. Water gardens can be defined as any exterior or interior landscape or architectural element...
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Rock-Column Fountain Construction

Fountain & Pond Construction A Rock Column Fountain is an ideal choice for an owner who wants a bubbling show with multiple elements. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound that makes any area more tranquil. Rock Column...
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Waterfall Repair: Replacing your Pond Liner

(Replaced Pond Liner & Waterfall)  Do you Need Your Waterfall Repaired? This is a quick intro to diagnose your pond liner  Well, your Koi pond liner has been in there for more than a decade and is starting to show its age now. You may also have a few patches that...
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Koi Pond Maintenance

Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance

Proper Koi Pond Maintenance Adding a Koi pond to your home or commercial property is definitely one of the best ways to reduce the day to day stress and add tranquility to your surroundings. Koi ponds, pondless water falls, and many other natural water features are...
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Pondless Waterfall Construction

What Are Pondless Waterfalls? Pondless waterfall construction is built to allow the water to run seamlessly through rock similarily to a rock column fountain. The water simply recirculates into a stream or waterfall and builds up underneath the surface unnoticed....
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Address - 529 W Blueridge Ave #F110 Orange, CA 92865

Phone - (714) 613-0123

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