Let The Experts Handle Your Pool Conversion To A Koi Pond

When it comes to modern landscape designs, many people think about having an outdoor water feature such as ponds and waterfalls. Just think about the sound of water gushing through the falls, or maybe the simple water sounds from a pond. It gives the entire environment a serene and relaxing vibe. To give it a little bit more oomph, you have the option to add swimming creatures such as the koi fish. A lot of individuals have started to turn their old swimming pools into fish ponds. While all of these may sound exciting, the challenge begins when you have to decide whether you’d take on this project by yourself, or whether hiring a professional koi pond service is the way to go. To help you further decide, here are some factors to consider for your next koi pond project.


You may have visited your dentist or at least your doctor – in their offices, what’s that common thing you see? Other than health posters plastered on the walls, you’ll also see that most health practitioners have aquariums. It is because it has been said to believe that fishes and water can help calm the nerves and helps in relieving stress. Koi is a common fish found in these aquariums because unlike other fishes, this particular type responds to people. You can feed them from your hand, and they can even respond to simple footsteps. By adding a koi pond to your home, you may consider it as a home for your new pet – not just a simple landscape you add to your home. A lot of people are into collecting various types of koi fishes – and once you get the hang of it, you’ll easily figure out why.

As good as it sounds, deciding that you wanted to have a koi pond requires time, effort and 100% commitment and dedication. These ponds require proper equipment, regular cleaning, and maintenance. When taken care of properly, these cool fishes can live up to 60 years! While some koi pond maintenance and cleaning practices can be done on your own, some are best left to the experts. For instance, cracks and repair leaks are best done by professionals since this is tricky. This needs to be done properly to make sure that you don’t put your pond and fishes at risk.


If you’re using your pool regularly, you may not have even thought about converting it into a koi pond. But, if you’ve even considered it at least once, then it’s probably because you haven’t used it for a while and it’s turning into a major headache. Maintaining and enjoying a pool, while making sure that it’s regularly maintained is a challenging task – not to mention that it’s expensive too. So if’s being enjoyed regularly, we don’t see why not it’s worth it. But if you’re not enjoying your pool as often as you’re supposed to, and it just started to become a breeding ground for animals, insects, and mosquitoes, considering turning it into a koi pond is definitely worth it.

A lot of various groups have been questioning the addition of swimming pools in their homes. This is probably because of the high construction costs, the endless amount of water that’s wasted as well as the energy that you need to make sure that it’s well-maintained. A koi pond, on the other hand, is different – it’s eco-friendly. Koi fishes only need to feed on the plants, and the plants that you have on your pond is nurtured by the fishes. Algae in a pond help with the oxygen and carbon dioxide regulation, while zooplankton and/or mollusks make sure that there are enough algae to help sustain the pond.

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t even maintain or take care of a swimming pool, turning it into a koi pond may not be a good idea either. Always remember that the moment you’ve turned that pool into a pond, you’re not just caring for a simple outdoor water feature. It’s now become a home for living creatures. If not maintained, a koi pond may turn to be even more of a disaster. The good thing though, is that you can always hire koi pond maintenance experts and services to make sure that your koi pond runs smoothly. Taking advantage of their services allow you to have an excellent addition to your landscape, without having to worry about the added work that you need to take on.


If you’re in great physical strength, you may initially think that you can do these things on your own. However, you have to remember that koi pond maintenance and installation isn’t just about strength. You also have to remember that this requires technical knowledge. You need to be able to have construction skills, and most importantly, design experience. You’ll have to go through the planning process, which is considered to be the most crucial part of the process. If you’re expecting to have a koi pond that’s always picturesque, the reality is usually otherwise. Koi fishes usually make a big mess; they tend to turn the water lilies upside down especially when they’re hunting for something to eat. With that in mind, you have to make sure that your water lilies and koi fishes are in a separate area so that they won’t turn to flip them over.

One of the biggest misconceptions when taking on a project like this is that you need to have as many filtration systems as you can have in your pond. This isn’t completely accurate, as it is possible to have too many filters. With that being said, you have to remember that the experts have studied these things and that they are the ones that can help you determine how many filtration systems are needed for your koi pond.

But the question is, can you really do it without any expert help? Yes – it is possible, but expect that you have to do things a couple of times before you get it right. Hiring a professional team, on the other hand, ensures that your time, money and energy are spared as they will ensure you that things will be done the first time around.


You may also come across lawn guys or even generic handymen who are self-proclaimed that they can easily convert your pool into a koi pond for cheaper prices. While this sounds tempting, this is a risk that you don’t want to take, especially if you want to save more money. Experienced contractors have extensive knowledge on how to turn a pool into a koi pond – which means that you don’t have to worry about the possible damages and that you don’t have to think about the additional costing since everything will be done correctly the first time. To help you figure out which professional to go with, you can ask for their portfolio or samples of previous work. Additionally, these professionals will also make sure that you have a written warranty for the services that they did. This includes ensuring that your pond has just the right amount of filters and pump for your pond size.

Another advantage of going with the experts is that they won’t just help you convert a simple pool into a pond. They can help with the design and even give you recommendations on the type of koi pond that suits your lifestyle best. If you’re the type of person who can take on maintenance and has a lot of time to go out to the yard, they can design something that will surely meet your needs. On the other hand, if you have a busy lifestyle and needs a limited amount of work in koi pond maintenance, they can also transform it into something that doesn’t require much effort from your end, while leaving the rest to the experts. Experts can help you build a koi pond that’s easy to maintain.

Remember, your reason for having a koi pond to your backyard is to reduce the “stress factor”, not add more to it. Trying to figure out which equipment, pumps, plants and other things your pond requires can be stressful. Leave it to the experts – you don’t need more things to worry about. By hiring the professionals, you’re left with a beautiful koi pond, and have them worry about the rest of the details so you can enjoy your serene and relaxing koi pond.

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