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Koi Pond Leaks & Repairs Orange County CA

You’ll know when your beautifully designed and well maintained koi pond is in need of urgent attention or repair. Depending on the problem, you might experience dropping water levels, poor bio-filtration and water clarity, leaking waterfalls or regular pond equipment failure. Our fully qualified and experienced koi pond repair and maintenance staff can offer advice in such cases. In the meantime here are some tips of how you can identify common pond leak problems.

Pond Rubber Lining Leaks

This is when you might regret not building a cement lined koi pond. Finding a leak in a rubber lined pond is a time consuming task, especially if it is large and deep. But don’t panic, especially if it is a slow leak because you might just need to regularly top up the water, which is what you would be doing anyway. Before we arrive make observations as to what is happening to the water levels, any information will help us in our repair.

If it is a serious loss of water, we know that it will be a process of elimination. We start with obviously weak areas. Filtration, waterfalls, edgings can all develop perforations or leaks over time. And if there has been any obvious damage we can patch it up. However it is sometimes more time and cost efficient to replace the entire lining.

Look upon this as an opportunity to landscape and redesign your pond area. If you have thought about concrete linings, we can take you through the process and see if it is right for you.

Have a Cement Water Feature? Watch our video on how we reseal it!

Pond Filter Repairs

A pond filter ensures optimal oxygenation in your pond and maintains water clarity. Most pond filter repair issues arise from when someone moves house and they aren’t sure what maintenance has been carried out previously. We can do a thorough service and see what needs doing, whether it is a straightforward repair or a complete replacement of filters and/or filter material. This will obviously affect your water clarity and an efficient filter will guarantee future pond health.

This might be a good time to discuss the different types of filters available. For instance a biofilter is a biological filter that ensures efficient delivery of carbon dioxide which is essential for aquatic plants. Given the symbiotic nature of plants and water, they are also key in keeping your water fresh and clean.

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Leaking Waterfalls, Fountains and Cascades

Very often the leak is not in the koi pond itself but in the decorative water features that feed into it. Check the waterfalls, cascades, streams and fountains. If your water channels or waterfalls are pre-formed it could be a blockage causing it to overflow, or there is a perforation in the lining or join. Simply clear away debris, or if there is damage, seal or patch any holes. If it is stone and mortar waterfall, it will always be prone to cracks and leaks. We can survey it thoroughly and see what needs doing in terms of repair or rebuilding.

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