Interested in a Waterfall? Go Pondless!

What Are Pondless Waterfalls?

Pondless waterfall construction is built to allow the water to run seamlessly through rock similarly to a rock column fountain. The water simply recirculates into a stream or waterfall and builds up underneath the surface unnoticed. Without the need to a pond maintenance company, you can enjoy the sounds and the sight of running water. You won’t have a pond for holding wildlife such as fish, because the water in a pond less waterfall is not collected in a basin. However, without the maintenance regularly required in a water garden or koi pond, these are a great way to achieve a tranquil water setting with very little work. In a water garden, a waterfall is the focal point of any property, residential or commercial.

Instructions Showing A Pondless Fountain

If your yard is small or you are worried about safety, choosing a pondless waterfall construction company is a great option due to the reduced risk of a drowning. When built correctly the water is beneath the rock or material chosen. The concept is explained within the name. Original content source: There is no pond, but a stream and a waterfall is included. But, why wouldn’t you want to have a pond with your waterfall? Frankly, not everyone wants a pondless waterfall. However, if someone thinks the idea of having a pond isn’t exactly what they want, these waterfalls are a great alternative.

Pondless waterfalls cycle water through the rocks and vegetation, typically without holding much water.

Pondless Waterfall With Water Cascading Over Boulders In Residential Backyard

Rock Column & Cascading Disappearing Waterfalls

Cascading waterfalls are small, which means that beautiful waterfalls can be built and enjoyed in either a back or a front yard. We suggest at least a 10×10 space or larger. Some come pre-built with a turn-key installation, with the pump, filter, straining baskets, liner, and stone-foam.

Others are most custom made, especially on a commercial level. Large pond-less waterfalls are a great addition to many Hotels, Apartment Complex, HOA’s, and more to help drown out heavy noise from nearby roads and increase the tranquility and value-perceived of the property.

Pondless Waterfall Safety vs Traditional Ponds

If you are worried about having problems with safety with a traditional pond, the fact that cascading waterfalls have no pool of water makes them a great option. Often times customers will have large koi ponds and once having children these ponds can become a liability for the families. We are capable of filling in the pond with gravel and rock, transforming it into a custom-made pondless waterfall.

Using local stone and gravel is a great way to save money and fill in any excess space on any residential and commercial property.

Disappearing Waterfall Cost Considerations

When it comes to building a water feature for your property, cost must be considered. Depending upon the type of rock work and the size of the waterfall, a cascading falls that is professionally installed will cost somewhere between $4,500 & $10,000+. Since the pumps don’t have to be run all day and all night, the cost of operation is also lower. Timers can be used to allow the falls to operate only during times when you will be there.

Maintenance Cost Considerations

It is easy to take care of your cascading waterfall pondless waterfall. All that is required it to fill the reservoir every couple of weeks or so to replace water that has evaporated. Or, almost all maintenance can be eliminated by installing an automatic fill valve.


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