Impress Your House Guests With These Creative Fountain Ideas

It was established a very long ago that beautiful craftsmanship combined with green growing plants inspire the imagination and take it to new heights. Water is the symbol of health and prosperity, and its presence in nature has a very calming influence on everyone when they are out in the great outdoors.

Using water fountain services to recreate these kinds of natural environments brings the power of peace and prosperity into your business or home, and using this power will greatly impress your family, guests, and customers. Water in motion is especially effective given that it demonstrates mastery over natural elements. These influences are all quite subtle and work on a subconscious level. However, they are highly effective at getting attention and then maintaining it.

Water Wall

When light is in motion is it very eye-catching. That principle, when combined with the mastery and prosperity of controlling water makes this is a very appealing concept. A water wall is basically a fountain that has a wide horizontal opening which results in water forming a type of curtain as it is pouring over the edge. This simple design requires minimal water fountain repairs.

A nice added touch is placing your pool and water wall fountain on a wood surface. Wooden floors have a similar effect that greenery does. It is a great way of maintaining a connection with nature.

Pond & Waterfall Lights

Take the principle of light in motion to the next level using modern electronic. The LED or light-emitting diode is a great tool if you are trying to provide your outdoor decor with accents of skillfully placed shadow, brightness, and color.

Consider the previously described water wall. How would it look with a waterproof directional LED placed in the pool that was aimed at the opening of the fountain? It would provide the water with a subtle blue or green tint from a distance.

Now suppose you programmed the LED to change color gradually and occasionally. Green could turn to blue, and then into orange. If the pool had rocks in it, the light could be mottled or dappled to provide the water with hue and texture. The results are absolutely stunning.

Tile And Brick

Speaking of hue and texture, if you are planning to construct a wall, you might as well do it with pleasant colors and patterns. History’s great civilizations knew plenty about brick and tile. For example, they understand how to transform a flat surface into a great expression of purpose and strength, and give the entire world an enduring cultural touchstone in the process which has survived for centuries.

Add brick or tile to a wall and then accent it using the right colors to turn a simple pool and fountain into a focal point that will continue to be pleasing for a very long time.

Always keep in mind that decorations that skillfully use texture, light, nature, and water are expressions of peaceful imagery and mastery that are just as timeless as water is. When used properly, they can be the true centerpiece of your very own cultural achievement.

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