Fundamentals of Managing a Water Garden

So you have finally made the decision to add a koi pond or water garden to your backyard or commercial property? Such an excellent idea as your home and garden value might increase, but better yet – the beauty of your property is almost guaranteed to increase.

Koi ponds and water gardens are typically constructed for keeping koi fish, turtles, goldfish, or just aquatic plants. Koi are a unique kind of fish that are also called Japanese oriental carp. They can survive for decades, and add beauty + nutrients to your water garden. 

Did you know? 
We can build a water garden pond capable of feeding your regular garden with fish nutrients? Shrubs, flowers, trees, even fruits and veggies can be fed with your nutrient-rich fish waste from your water garden! And as simple as a turn of a switch too.. 

Vital components of water gardens

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Bottom Drains

Although water gardens rarely use bottom brains, if you intend on adding koi to your water garden, you’ll need to setup a bottom drain intended for Koi ponds. Bottom drains enable heavy solids to be transferred to the mechanical filter whenever the bottom of the pond does not contain any rocks. This fish by-product will enter the filtration we build for you, once or twice a month you can simply backwash the filter into the plants via previously setup tubing.


Skimmers are used to clean a koi pod and water garden of heavy particulate. They draw water from the pond’s surface to collect twigs, leaves, and other floating debris from the pond’s surface. Similar to that of a “pool skimmer,” “pond skimmers” can be located on the edge of the pond or be a floating skimmer basket isolated in the middle of you water feature. 

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Biological Filters

These filters convert fish nitrogenous waster into nitrogen that dissipates out into the atmosphere. We’ve been using bio-filtration for over 30 years and understand how it works end to end. Bio filtration can keep your water feature waste free while supplying your garden with organic nutrients costing others hundreds per year. 

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Air Pumps And Water Diffusers 

Water pumps help to ensure that water circulates throughout the koi pond and water garden. Pumps need to perform the total circulation of the water once per hour in order to maintain a healthy environment for your koi fish and turtles. Another way that air pumps are used is to increase dissolved oxygen inside the koi pond. When a pond is stocked to capacity, air pumps become critical.

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Ultraviolet Light (UV-Lights)

Light from the sun helps with clumping algae to make it easier to dispose of it through the use of mechanical filtration. Free-floating bacteria kills UV sterilizer promotes the health of koi fish. We suggest all water gardens to have a UV light capable of what we call “slow-flow” which is our system of slowing the water down long enough for the UV lights to be effective as possible. 

Maintaining your Water Garden

Maintenance is dependent on these factors, if your water garden is suffering check these items first

  • Where is your water garden located? Is there heavy vegetation around it?
  • What type of equipment was installed? Small pond equipment or commercial-grade equipment? 
  • Do you have a UV light installed? 
  • Do you have a regular maintenance service?
  • Do you need to have your pond plants trimmed / managed? 
  • Is your pond overpopulated with fish or turtles? 

These are items we address most of the time when a customer is having problems with their water garden. Most of the time the problems are due to under filtration and over population with fish, turtles, and/or vegetation. These water features can become too much for someone who just wants to enjoy their water feature – therefore we suggest you call us to handle maintenance and management. 

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