Factors To Consider When Choosing an Irvine Fountain Repair Service

While you can fix some fountain problems on your own if yours is damaged or in need of repairs, there are some types of damages and major cracks that will require the services of a professional in order to ensure that they are properly fixed.

We are a local company in Irvine and we provide quality fountain repair services to the property owners and businesses in the area. If you are in the search for the most qualified and reputable fountain repair service in Irvine, we’ve highlighted some qualities to look out for:

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Years Of Aquatic Experience

It is worth noting that proper fountain repair requires both the know-how and hands-on experience. Some fountain issues can be easily repaired while others are more complex and hiring an inexperienced or unqualified technician to conduct the repairs, you increase the risks of cracks and leaks reoccurring.

The level of experience is always a top factor to consider when choosing the best fountain repair service.

Our company was established back in 1975, meaning that we’ve been in business for more than 40 years and over the course of that period, we have handled thousands of different fountain repairs, installations, and maintenance requirements. Our company started with commercial aquatic services and has since branched into the residential market.

Your fountain is definitely a significant financial asset, hence, it is crucial to ensure that you only entrust your repair and maintenance needs to professionals. The rule of thumb is to choose a technician that has at least 10 years of experience in order to ensure that you receive quality services with minimum risks of the problem reoccurring.

Suitable Location

Another important factor to consider is whether the fountain repair technician is easily accessible. Ideally, choose one that is located near your home or property as this will help reduce the time it takes to receive the services and it will also help to minimize costs.

As we service many commercial and residential properties in Irvine, we provide our services to a wide range of clients in different cities and locations all across Southern California. Our services are fast and efficient and, hence, you will get the assistance you need within the shortest time possible.

One of our largest clients off of MacArthur Blvd Irvine, is a focal point for where we are able to travel to a majority of homes and businesses within a very short time and provide our expert services, therefore, there is little time wastage and you don’t have to worry about paying premiums.

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Check Their Portfolio

In addition to repair services, many pond and fountain repair services also design and install fountains. This makes their portfolio a very useful tool of getting an insight into what to expect from their services as it showcases their style and quality of services.

Therefore, before hiring a repair service, request them to show you a sample of their previous work. If they’ve worked on fountains similar to yours, then they’ll most likely know the best way to successfully handle your needs.

You can take a look at our portfolio to see some examples of our previous projects which range from modern fountains to natural type fountains meant for garden settings. Therefore, we are very qualified to handle any type of fountain repair.

Free Consultation and Assistance

If you are wondering what might be the issue with your fountain or what are the costs of repair, all your fountain queries will be answered by your repair technician at no charge at all before they start any type of work on your fountain.

In case you don’t know the true extent of the damages to your fountain, first ensure that the repair technician provides you with a detailed quote in order to avoid any unexpected bills.

If you are interested in our services, we will provide you with a free quote. All you have to do is to contact us at (714) 613-0123 and a member of our team will address any queries you might have for the Irvine and surrounding area.

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