Enhance the Beauty of your Garden with these Natural Fountain Ideas

Interested in adding a beautiful fountain to your garden?

Fountains and natural fountains alike, can bring what we love so much about nature, into our home and backyard. These days, we can duplicate the beauty of almost any landscape. For minimal recurring maintenance if needed. Installing, repairing, and maintaining fountains for over the last 3 decades, Koi Pros is Orange County’s premier water fountain management and aquatic landscape company.

Since the company’s inception, we’ve created, maintained, and serviced both commercial and residential fountains throughout Southern California. From cemeteries, to business complexes, and more – we can help you design and construct any fountain in mind.

We all know the purpose of water fountains is to improve the local natural scenery, and to provide a calm, crisp feeling of nature-induced tranquility. From the start, the development and design of both commercial and residential fountains is varied by the customers desires and creativity. Each water feature is unique in having its own distinct appeal and ownership. The variance, in most cases, is based on individual customer preferences. Below are some stylish ways that we can help you can enhance the water fountain in your garden for both large and small spaces.

Adding Aquatic Beauty to Your Landscape

The basic concept is to provide you with the best and most attractive fountain design – be it natural or sterile. Ideally a nice focal point for your garden, along with attention to detail beauty and precision in mind.

1. Natural Fountains

Natural fountains are just that – natural. These fountains are setup to handle fish, turtles, and even aquatic plants such a blooming lilies and more. Not all fountains can be setup to run on a natural environment. The fountain must have the appropriate filtration, pump, uv-light, and even skimmer basket if the fountain is commercial or just large in general. These water features can be beautiful, with mossy sides, koi fish, and an over-grown appearance, natural fountains are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who wants a simple to manage water feature.

Natural Wall Fountain With Moss

2. Vegetation and plants

Landscapers have taken things a step further and established that it is possible to anchor vegetation and plants in water. It is a beautiful sight to see low lying plants blossoming in the water as their flowers bud out. They also help to clean and thin out humid air. Fish and other wildlife can feed off the vegetation as well. We suggest reaching out to a local aquatic plant supplier and reserving your plants well in advance. With notice, we can pick them up and install them on your fountain or pond. We like the customers to choose and pay for the plants separately though.

Fountain With Water Lilies

3. Rock beds

When building a water fountain, a foundation of rocks is laid by the landscapers in the area where the water will be. The designer can make the rock bed out of various materials including sparkling crystal-like surfaces to ancient stones. Each type of material or rocks provides its own beauty. We suggest adding a retaining wall if your fountain is on a hill. If on a flat surface, you can build rock column and other various types of fountains relatively easily as most kits are readily available.

Natural Rock Fountain Installation

4. Designs

There are many different types of fountains, with additional pool and pond designs available to choose from. There are plenty of natural water garden fountains, natural wall fountains, and unique natural fountains with various shapes and sizes. The variation helps to ensure that there are designs for everyone, along with plenty of room for customizing plans according to the client’s aesthetics, tastes, and preferences.

Hand Drawn Koi Pond With Brick Retaining Wall And 3 Steps

Although water fountains are certainly beautiful, it is also necessary for them to be clean at all times. Fountains can pose a serious environmental hazard if they are not properly cared for. Koi Pros can help with since they perform garden fountain maintenance and repair services aligned with both commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California. We service many corporate complexes, apartments, management companies, government offices, and more with any fountain needs.

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