As with any large project, you must plan before you begin your build. Whether its a simple DIY pond or complete landscape redesign and rebuild – planning is key. Building any water feature can be a major undertaking – even for the simplest of water features. If planning is […]
Water fountains are among some of the best water features you can use to curb the appeal of your home or office space while on a budget. Something about flowing water, that has a soothing effect on most people, particularly when it cascades over stone sculptures. Some of these […]
Interested in adding a beautiful fountain to your garden? Fountains and natural fountains alike, can bring what we love so much about nature, into our home and backyard. These days, we can duplicate the beauty of almost any landscape. For minimal recurring maintenance if needed. Installing, repairing, and maintaining […]
What Are Pondless Waterfalls? Pondless waterfall construction is built to allow the water to run seamlessly through rock similarly to a rock column fountain. The water simply recirculates into a stream or waterfall and builds up underneath the surface unnoticed. Without the need to a pond maintenance company, you […]
What to Do When Your Pond Equipment Stops Working Properly Often with pond maintenance we see clients struggling to get their pond pumps able to prime again. This is a very common issue as these pumps (external centrifugal pool pumps) require an air-tight fit and be filled with enough […]
Leaking Water Feature? Here’s a few things to consider before calling the pros All koi ponds, and similar water features will leak eventually. Understanding a true-leak vs water evaporation is a must. As a true pond leak can be costly, and when caught earlier the better to avoid additional […]
Interested in a backyard waterfall?  We all have been awed by the soothing sounds and serenity of waterfall, always stopping and gazing when out we come across such wonders of nature. The effects of these all-too-fleeting moments have a positive impact, one that we would love to experience even […]
DIY Fountain FAQ If you have a lake or pond on your property, adding an outdoor water fountain can bring your water feature to life. Not only can a beautiful water feature help in adding value to your property, but it can also be aesthetically speaking for yourself and […]
Consider adding a wall fountain to your yard to provide it with a beautiful antique feeling. You can get started by contacting professional wall fountain design companies such as ours to consult with us about your plans. The following are some wall fountain designs for you to consider in […]