Even the most mundane garden can be completely transformed by a cost-effective and basic water feature. Don’t be fooled by the term “basic,” we mean basic in nature, and basic when compared to larger more complex water features. We can’t deny the sound and tranquility that water brings to […]
Own a pond or waterfall – here are some tips to keeping your system healthy Adding a Koi pond to your home or commercial property is definitely one of the best ways to reduce the day to day stress and add tranquility and beauty to your surroundings. Koi ponds and […]
Waterfall Construction & Maintenance Services A Rock Fountain is an ideal choice for any commercial property owner who wants a waterfall effect to their property minus as much liability as a pond exposed to the public can pose. Besides looking great, these fountains also produce a lyrical, soothing sound […]
What is a water garden? A water garden which is also known as an aquatic garden is a type of a man-made feature hosting a great place for garden pond plants and other perennials. Water gardens can be defined as any exterior or interior landscape or architectural element whose […]
Different Types of Fountains Ever wanted to build a beautiful natural fountain or pondless fountain on your property? Believe it or not, water fountains can serve as great assets for properties with great weather such as California or similar states. With the ease of maintenance, as long as the […]