Aliso Viejo Plans to Use Fish Gardens to Help Local OC Residents

We wanted to highlight such an amazing event locally to our hometown Aliso Viejo CA. A community working together, while constructing fish ponds + farming and giving back to the community, what an amazing feat. The county, local college, plus many more, plan on assisting with the rehab of a local landmark. Moulton Ranch is by far a pinnacle of the local area. With beautiful views, and endless activities, the area is rich in community and is about to get even better with this recent news. We love to see communities work together and the end result of this story gets even better.

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ALISO VIEJO, CA — “If you don’t preserve your history, you don’t know where you came from or where you’re going”, Aliso Viejo’s city manager said. Recently, a construction contract for the city of Aliso Viejo was unamimously approved by the City Council for the city’s 7-acre Aliso Viejo Moulton Ranch project.

“It’s a collaborative project across many agencies, and will be an education for this community and all of southern California,” City Manager David Doyle said. “This vacant land is from the last remaining parcel of the Moulton Ranch.” which is an iconic moment for the Moulton Ranch property as this is the last parcel of land on the 22,000 acre property.

Located at 100 Park Avenue, the project will preserve important buildings and items from the 1800s while offering hands-on educational courses related to sustainable farming as well as other courses. “This is an exciting and invaluable agricultural, historical and educational amenity for the residents of our city, county and state of California,” said City Manager Dave Doyle. This project will highlight the rich farming history of Orange County, and quite possible the entire state of California including the west coast USA.


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Educational elements such as sustainable agriculture, aquaponics, biological sciences and much more will be available. Working in conjunction with Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, plus many others like Moulton family foundation, Aliso-Viejo Chamber of commerce, as well as others will consist of the support system required to allow this to work.One could say this is a first of its kind.

Planning to reuse existing buildings for farming, land for farming, and even building out raised-bed vegetable gardens, several fish ponds containing about 2,000 tilapia which will be harvested biannually, in addition to the food grown on-site which will be donated at no cost.

If you’d like to learn more about using fish nutrients to fertilize your vegetables, we can set your pond, natural fountain, or farm lake, to utilize the naturally occurring nutrients fish give off. A simple backwash / turn of  a lever can be all that is needed to add nutrients to your raised vegetable garden. This is the perfect organic solution to keep your veggies flourishing and fresh for the dinner table or local farmers market. We work with farms throughout the County (the few that are left) and assist them with the pond irrigation and plumbing needed to setup a self-sustainable aquaponics system.

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