Affordable Water Features for your Home & Garden

Even the most mundane garden can be completely transformed by a cost-effective and basic water feature. Don’t be fooled by the term “basic,” we mean basic in nature, and basic when compared to larger more complex water features.

We can’t deny the sound and tranquility that water brings to us and almost becomes a focal point naturally, and automatically. Some homeowners are able to install a water feature on their own, even when the process is fairly complex. Other people rely on a reputable professional backyard fountain service. The following are some samples of water features for you to consider when shopping home and garden on a dime:

pond-less waterfall construction

Pond-less Fountains

A fountain can be a gurgler, bubbler, or even spout, setup with a basin (to collect water) or and pond-less (water collects below the surface). These entry-level fountains range from easy to assemble items, to a major project to be built by contractors specializing in garden fountain installation and repair. Many of these fountains feature several tiers, as well as sconces where arcs of water flow into the statue or collection pond. Depending on its material and size, a fountain can make noises ranging from oceanic roars to refreshing trickles. Not many things are as refreshing as a spray of water from a fountain on a hot summer’s day.

bubbling rock ball fountain


There are often just repurposed containers that are equipped with a pump and have pipes that are connected to a source of water. Even homeowners who don’t believe they are knowledgeable about plumbing ca get one of these water features created in a single afternoon. A garden can feature one in the middle of stones or plants. Or there can be bubbles of various sizes as well. They can be small to fit in the patio’s corner or taller than the average person. They can be part of your swimming pool or lit up at night by various colored LEDs.

above ground koi pond with waterfall and retaining wall


There are ponds that are actually quite affordable, if not totally cheap. Building one is similar to constructing a swimming pool. A hole is dug in the ground and lined with a leakproof material. The water feature, similar to a swimming pool, needs to have a filtration system in order for the water to stay sparkling clean as well as a pump that will keep the water moving. The homeowner can also add garden gnomes, aquatic plants, pebbles, boulders, or anything else they prefer. Since ponds are “natural” they are able to complement any kind of backyard. Ponds can also have waterfalls as part of their design.

commercial wet-wall running

Rain Curtains And Water Walls

Some walls have sheets or a sheet of water flowing down to a trench which then gets returned up to the top of the cycle and then back down again. There are many materials that a wall may be made out of, including glass, ceramic tile, stone, or copper and the material as well as its texture might affect the sound of the water falling as well.

Similar to bubblers, you can add lights for an impressive nightly look. The beauty of a rain curtain relies on its curtain of water. Holes are drilled into the feature’s horizontal element and the water pours through these. The water is kept cycling by a pump, just like with a water wall.

Baths For Butterflies, Bees, And Birds

Even homeowners on strict budgets can afford to invest in a birdbath. At times it can just be a pan full of water attached to a support. It is very enjoyable to watch the birds visit. Also, don’t neglect the butterflies and honeybees. Place an island in the middle of the birdbath where insects can drink and rest safely.

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